Twitter Conversation Performance Measure

Using graph theory we have devised a set of measures for identifying influential Users in Twitter conversations and topics.

The objective of this methodology to locate influential users in a given domain of interest on Twitter.

The 3 most basic measures we use are Top Overall, Top Connectors and Top Interesting.

Top Overall

Top overall influence is measured by combining the quantity of connections (Retweets, mentions, replies), the quality of the connections (measured by Page Rank) and the reach of the Users tweets. These are adjusted to discount the skew towards Users with very large number of followers.

Top Connectors

The value of a Users connectedness is measured using an algorithm called Betweenness Centrality. This measures how well a User is connected to all other Users – compared with everyone else.

Most ‘Interesting’ Users

The Interesting metric finds smaller Users who made a relatively high impact. It compares how well a User does in the overall ranking compared to how well they would be expected to do given the number of followers they have.

It is useful for finding niche or local stories in a large network where they are difficult to find.

Top Talked About

Measures how much a users is talked about rather than responded to. It measures the ratio of the amount of times a user is mentioned to the number of times a user is retweeted. The ratio is adjusted for the number of tweets the user makes and the number of followers the user has.

This can indicate that a user is not active on Twitter but is being talked about in the wider world which is reflected by other users mentioning the user on Twitter.

Top Brokers

Brokers are connectors between communities of users. Connectors (see above) measures how well connected users are between all other users. Brokers are those which connect between different communities.

Whilst these measures can be applied to a complete network the conversation can be broken down into smaller communities of Users with a shared interest.

Follow the link below for a presentation about how this can be achieved.

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