Topic Metadata API

This API provides metadata like image URL and related topics for a structured topic in the Right Relevance platform.

Resource URL



topic=’structured topic’

topic for which to fetch metadata

Example Values: genomics, sdn

Example Request

GET learning&access_token=PLACE_ACCESS_TOKEN

Example Response

    topic: "machine learning",
    type: "single_topic",
    image_url: "",
    structured: true,
    subscribed: 2474,
    articles_count_per_month: 3000,
    related_topics: {
        numFound: 10,
        topics: [
            "data science",
            "artificial intelligence",
            "data mining",
            "data analysis",
            "data visualization",
            "big data",
            "natural language processing",
            "information visualization"
    alt_forms: [
        "machine learning",

Response Fields

Returns metadata information for ‘machine learning’, which is a structured topic.

strucutured Flag specifying if topic is ‘structured’ or free-form in Right Relevance
image_url Link to a recent image URL related to the specified topic
articles_count_per_month Average articles count per month in Right Relevance index
related_topics Number and List of topics related to the specified topic
alt_forms Alternate forms of the topic, used like synonyms due to same contextual meaning

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