Per-Topic Articles Lookup API

This API provides recent relevant articles for the specified topic. Unlike ‘Articles Search’, this API is a cache lookup, hence much faster but limited to articles from last 3 days.

Resource URL





topic for which to fetch recent article

Example Values: archaeology, orthopedics


Returns articles starting from index ‘X’. Default: 0

Example Values: 0


Number of articles ‘Y’ to return. Default: 20

Example Values: 9

Example Request


Example Response

    numFound: 20,
    articles: {
        articles_count: 5,
        article_data: [
                id: "c86a31d0ff9da18a071523be2bd1d3ebce18d4d7",
                image_width: "1128",
                share_count: 2,
                content_type: "article",
                url: "",
                title: "Jeremy Corbyn could introduce a six-hour work day",
                image_height: "746",
                image_url: "",
                earliest_known_date: "2016-08-07T16:18:58Z",
                earliest_known_date_timestamp_sec: 1470586685,
                _id: "c86a31d0ff9da18a071523be2bd1d3ebce18d4d7",
                excerpt: "UK Politics Jeremy Corbyn says he will discuss reducing working day down to just six hours The Labour leader's suggestion follows experiments in Sweden which found a six hour working day increases employee happiness, productivity and profit Siobhan Fenton Health and Social Affairs correspondent @siobhanfenton Sunday 7 August 2016 17:20 BST Jeremy Corbyn has said he is open to the proposals which are currently being tried in Europe Getty Jeremy Corbyn has said he will discuss proposals to reduce the working day to just six hours."
                source: "",
                topic: "uk politics",
                related_concepts: [
                    "world news",
                    "uk general election",
                experts: [
                        twitter_id_str: "31105169",
                        id: "",
                        twitter_screen_name: "indypolitics",
                        topic_score: "84",
                        tweet: {
                            tweet_id: "762322946165727232",
                            date: "Sun Aug 07 16:22:08 +0000 2016"
                    ... (more sharing influencers) ... 
            ... (4 more articles) ...

Response Fields

Returns recent articles for the specified topic, which is ‘uk politics’ in this example.


Total recent articles for the specified topic

List of articles for the specified topic

Count of articles in the current list (depends on rows=Y)

Article specific data like share count, sharing expert, title etc.

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