Related Topics API

This API provides related topics for a list of specified topics.

Resource URL





list of topic for which to fetch related topics

Example Values: big data, particle physics

Example Request

GET medicine,philosophy,behavioral economics&access_token=PLACE_ACCESS_TOKEN

Example Response

    emergency medicine: {
        numFound: 15,
        related_topics: [
            "emergency medical services",
            "intensive care medicine",
            "critical care",
            "medical education",
            "disaster preparedness",
            "open access",
            "healthcare professionals",
            "registered nurses"
    philosophy: {
        numFound: 15,
        related_topics: [
            "social science",
            "secular humanism",
    behavioral economics: {
        numFound: 15,
        related_topics: [
            "cognitive science",
            "behavioral science",
            "social science",
            "behavioral finance",

Response Fields

Returns related topics for a list of specified topics, which in this example are ’emergency medicine’, ‘philosophy’ and ‘behavioral economics’.

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