Multiple Topics Articles Lookup API

This API provides recent relevant articles for the specified multiple topics (limit 10). Unlike ‘Articles Search’, this API is a cache lookup, hence much faster but limited to articles from last 3 days.

Resource URL





comma-separated list of topics for which to fetch recent article

Example: topics=bitcoin,blockchain,cryptocurrency


Returns articles starting from index ‘X’. Default: 0

Example Values: 0


Number of articles ‘Y’ to return. Default: 20

Example Values: 9

Example Request

GET,hardware wallets&start=0&rows=5&access_token=PLACE_ACCESS_TOKEN

Example Response

    "numFound": 20,
    "articles": {
        "articles_count": 5,
        "article_data": [
                "id": "2742e1aeccde059da30e7ff36a1186d4549cf80f",
                "topic": "bitcoin",
                "share_count": 4,
                "image_width": "1128",
                "image_height": "746",
                "content_type": "article",
                "url": "",
                "title": "The Ledger: 2019 Cryptocurrency Predictions, Winklevoss Twins Talk Bitcoin, McKinsey on Blockchain",
                "image_url": "ttps://",
                "earliest_known_date": "2019-01-15T01:28:34Z",
                "earliest_known_date_timestamp_sec": 1547515260,
                "excerpt": "8:25 PM EST Tether. USD Coin. Gemini Dollar. Basis (RIP). If 2018 was the year of the so-called stablecoin, or price-pegged cryptocurrency, then what will the new year bring? While it’s impossible to predict the future with absolute certainty, here are five hypotheses based on The Ledger’s own expert tasseomancy. (Okay, we’ll admit we got this one wrong .) Below are our 5 predictions for 2019. (This is not investment advice, yada, yada.) Tether loses traction. For years questions have swirled about the solvency of Tether, historically one of the most popular stablecoin projects. Expect rival stablecoins from the likes of Circle, Coinbase, Gemini, and others to eat away at the monopoly Tether once enjoyed."
                "source": "",
                "related_concepts": [
                "experts": [
                        "twitter_id_str": "2281314234",
                        "id": "",
                        "twitter_screen_name": "bitcoinagile",
                        "topic_score": "82",
                        "tweet": {
                            "tweet_id": "1084985842412781569",
                            "date": "Tue Jan 15 01:29:17 +0000 2019"
                    ... (more sharing influencers) ... 
            ... (4 more articles) ...

Response Fields

Returns recent articles for the specified topic, which is ‘uk politics’ in this example.


Total recent articles for the specified topic

List of articles for the specified topic

Count of articles in the current list (depends on rows=Y)

Article specific data like share count, sharing expert, title etc.

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