Articles Search API

This API returns relevant articles for a given topic in near real-time. It’s paginated and supports both relevance and time sorting orders.
Note: Generally articles are stored for a maximum of 60 days.

Resource URL




Search ‘topic’ to fetch articles

Example Values: hadoop, marketing, social media


Returns articles starting from index ‘X’. Default: 0

Example Values: 0


Number of articles ‘Y’ to return. Default: 20

Example Values: 10


Sorting order for returned articles. Default: relevance

Example Values: time, relevance


Type (all, video-only) of articles to return. Default: all

Example Values: all, video


Maximum influencer score in the specified topic for searching articles. Default: 100

Example Values: 70, 90


Minimum influencer score in the specified topic for searching articles. Default: 10

Example Values: 10, 25


Number of ‘DAYS’ for which to return articles.

Example Values: 14

Example Request


Example Response

         "title":"Chart Reading: Diamond pattern suggests upside for Nifty50 and BSE Sensex",
         "latest_updation_time": "2019-01-14T06:35:15Z",
         "excerpt":"On Friday, the S&P BSE Sensexdropped 96 points, or 0.27 per cent to close at 36,009 while the Nifty50index fell 26 points or 0.25 per cent to end at 10,794. On the weekly scale, both the indices closed in the positive territory. The 30-share index Sensex closed 0.88 per cent higher with a green candle. Nifty settled 0.62 per cent up with a 'doji' formation on the chart.",
            "narendra modi",
            "indian media",
            "indian economy"
                  "date":"Thu Jul 28 14:15:14 +0000 2016"
            ... (3 more sharing RR influencers ... )
                  "date":"Thu Jul 28 13:45:33 +0000 2016"
   alt_forms: [
     "indian stock market",
     "indian stocks",
     "dalal street",
     "bombay stock exchange",
         { "tag":"stock markets", "count":124 },
         { "tag":"indian economy", "count":78 },
         { "tag":"indian startups", "count":54 },
         { "tag":"financial markets", "count":44 },
         { "tag":"indian media", "count":41 },
         { "tag":"indian news", "count":40 },
         { "tag":"asset management", "count":37 },
         { "tag":"day trading", "count":37 },
         { "tag":"mutual funds", "count":37 },
         { "tag":"south asia", "count":36 },
         { "tag":"stocks", "count":34 }

Response Fields
The above API call returns 1 article (rows=1) for the topic ‘indian stock market’. Most returned fields are self-explanatory.

numFound Total articles found for the queried topic
articles List of articles found for the queried topic
articles.experts List of influencers who shared/RT that article. Maximum 15
articles.share_count Number of RR influencers sharing that article
articles.title Article title
articles.excerpt Article abstract
facets Related topics to the queried topic

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