Articles Lookup by Influencers List API

This API returns articles shared by a list of Right Relevance Influencers over 30 days along with metadata related to the articles. It’s a paginated call.

Resource URL




Lookup articles shared by a list of comma separated RR Influencers (max 10) identified by twitter screen names.

Example Values: pmarca, DalaiLama


Returns articles starting from index ‘X’. Default: 0

Example Values: 0


Number of articles ‘Y’ to return. Default: 20

Example Values: 9


Number of prior days for which to return articles. Default: 30

Example Values: 1,14

Example Request


Example Response

    numFound: 7,
    start: 0,
    articles: [
            id: "fa4f359f972b2d9bfff7751fffdacdfa4b69a3a5",
            image_width: "48",
            share_count: 25,
            video_html: "",
            content_type: "video",
            url: "",
            title: "Assessing the Trump Administration's Counterterrorism Policy",
            image_height: "48",
            image_url: "",
            earliest_known_date: "2017-07-27T20:23:02Z",
            excerpt: "As President Trump took office, he inherited a counterterrorism program that was actively engaged in confronting unprecedented terrorist threats in operations across the Middle East and North Africa. Six months into his term, what are the elements of continuity or change in these policies? ...",
            source: "",
            experts: [
                    twitter_id_str: "381289719",
                    id: "",
                    twitter_screen_name: "nntaleb",
                    instance_type: "person",
                    topic_score: "10",
                    tweet: {
                        tweet_id: "891059029992144897",
                        date: "Fri Jul 28 22:13:22 +0000 2017"
        ... (more articles) ...

Response Fields

Returns articles shared by the list of specified Influencers, nntaleb and ggreenwald in the example above.

numFound Total number of articles found by that influencer in our platform
articles List of articles with “expert” data, source domain, share count, content type, title, excerpt, image details, date/time etc. information
articles.experts Influencer metadata including RR topical tags with scores, Twitter user data, location, instance type, associated tweet etc. for context

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