Articles Lookup by Domains List API

This API returns articles from a list of domains (max 10) over the last 30 days along with metadata related to the articles. It’s a paginated call.

Resource URL




Lookup articles shared by a list of comma separated domains (max 10).

Example Values:,


Returns articles starting from index ‘X’. Default: 0

Example Values: 0


Number of articles ‘Y’ to return. Default: 20

Example Values: 9


Number of prior days for which to return articles. Default: 30

Example Values: 1,14

Example Request


Example Response

    numFound: 5594,
    start: 0,
    articles: [
            experts: [
                    twitter_id_str: "607946179",
                    twitter_followers_count: 32910,
                    id: "",
                    twitter_listed_count: 931,
                    twitter_sf_count: 4419,
                    twitter_screen_name: "lotteleicht1",
                    twitter_friends_count: 8045,
                    name: "Lotte Leicht",
                    description: "EU Director, Human Rights Watch. Tweets about human rights, IHL, Int'l law & politics. Passionate skier. Favorite place: where the view has no end!",
                    image_url: "",
                    social_reach: 32910,
                    rr_score: 4128.9,
                    topic_score: "10",
                    tweet: {
                        isRetweet: "false",
                        tweetID: "894248887397093376",
                        expert: "607946179",
                        date: "Sun Aug 06 17:28:43 +0000 2017",
                        text: "Insurgents have killed at least 40 people, including women and children, in northern #Afghanistan, officials say. ",
                        favCount: "0",
                        reTweetCount: "0"
            id: "55f9d7621a6f448d56d7e06e43e34c936fcde682",
            image_width: "1024",
            share_count: 2,
            content_type: "article",
            url: "",
            title: "Afghan conflict: Dozens killed in 'brutal' Sar-e Pul attack - BBC News",
            image_height: "576",
            image_url: "",
            earliest_known_date: "2017-08-06T17:28:43Z",
            related_concepts: [ ],
            excerpt: "Insurgents have killed at least 40 people, including women and children, in northern Afghanistan, officials say..."
        ... (more articles) ...

Response Fields

Returns set of relevant articles shared by the specified Influencer.

numFound Total number of articles found from specified domains in our platform
articles List of articles with “expert” data, source domain, share count, content type, title, excerpt, image details, date/time etc. information
articles.experts Influencer metadata including RR topical tags with scores, Twitter user data, location, instance type, associated tweet etc. for context

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