NFL Draft 2017


Right Relevance provides a Relevance-as-a-Service (RaaSInsights offering that combines the Right Relevance Topics and Influencers information with real-time conversations to provide actionable intelligence with visualizations to enable decision making.

This summary report presents our analysis of engagements and conversations including retweets, mentions and replies of tweets related to the NFL Draft 2017.

Data & Duration

The report leverages tweets sampled from April 1-25 and along with Right Relevance topics, topical communities and articles form the basis for the analysis.

The phrases used for gathering tweets are: ‘nfldraft’, ‘nfl draft’, ‘nfldraft2017’.

Most of the summary report is extracted from the analysis collateral in the form of:

  • Tableau Online Dashboard: Visualizes graph analysis results via charts and tables. Insights include top flocks, trending terms, hashtags, Users/accounts, related RR topics, tweets and several other measures. Faceting is supported per flock, RR topic and Twitter/RR account.
  • Gephi Communities Graph Visual

Top Players in the Draft

Right Relevance NFL draft top picks are based on aggregate count of tweets that contain the name of the candidate players. 

Below is the list of top 32 predictions, in ranked order, for the NFL College Player Draft on April 27th.

Figure 1: Top 32 draft picks list

Most Impacted Teams

Hashtag counts are used to used to determine which NFL teams are the most impacted by the draft.

Looking at the figure below, San Francisco 49ers (#49ers) and Cleveland Browns (#browns), seem to have the most buzz in the context of the draft. This aligns well with the fact that both teams are looking to fill their ‘Quarterback’ positions and thus heavily impacted by the draft.


Figure 2: Top hashtags

On the other hand, New England Patriots (#patriots), have relatively much lower activity considering they have no picks and are trading for players prior to the draft.

NFL Draft Media Influencers

The disruption of traditional media platforms and prognosticators continues as blogs and independent journalists gain influence including inside the NFL Draft Ecosystem. “SB Nation“, “Bleacher Report“, and new influencer, “Awful Announcing“, which is a parody site making fun of the traditional sources for all things sports media, are great examples of that disruption.

Figure 3: Top media influencers in context of ‘NFL Draft’ conversations

RR platform supports ~50K structured topic data with scored and ranked influencers. Several related RR structured topics like sportswriters, sports news, sports journalism and sports media were superimposed on top of the NFL draft conversations and engaged influencers to extract the top media influencers. Fig 3 shows the top influencers in context of the above RR topics and NFL draft conversations. The list is sorted on their score for RR ‘sportswriters’ topic. Note that a majority of these users/accounts have influence in multiple related topics.

Summary Conclusions

  • The 2017 NFL draft has all the makings of being wildly unpredictable after the top 10 choices.
  • Last minute trading is not likely for the first 10 prospects.
  • The most important aspect not mentioned enough remains the quality of player at various positions is negligible this year.
  • The greatest mystery and concern in the top 32 are the prospects with character or previous injury risks.”
  • The Patriots demonstrated and facilitated the greatest pre-draft selection of free agents and cast-offs in recent memory.
  • The Pats reloaded and acted as if pre-season started on 27 April 2017, not NFL Draft Day.
  • Right Relevance’s NFL Draft top 32 selections are generated through interest and activity data at high scale.

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