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Welcome! We’re excited to share the Beta release of Right Relevance with you. If you haven’t created your account yet, simply sign in with your Twitter account. Here’s a quick guide to get you started:


The Right Relevance website and iPhone app allow you to search for your topics of interest and discover the latest content quickly and easily, including articles, videos, top influencers, and related conversations on your subject of choice.


Begin by searching for the topics that interest you. You can search for broad and finite terms to get the most relevant results you are seeking. If you’d like to add a topic to your saved feeds for your personal content curation, simply click on “+ add this topic” next to the topic name to add it. When you search, we’ll automatically generate a list of “Related Topics” on the right hand side of the screen where you can expand your search to other highly relevant subjects as well. Simply click on any of these subjects and add them to your feed with the “+ add this topic” button. Add a wealth of topics that interest you to create your own custom news, content, and conversation feed on items that matter to you and remove the hassle of sifting through irrelevant or old information.

Search Results

Your search will yield results in three categories: Articles, Influencers, and Conversations. “Articles” lists the latest and most relevant content available on the subject matter, and you can click the article to read the full story, share the article on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, or save an article for future reading. You can also see any top influencers who have been discussing this content online and join in their conversations on the topic.
In the “Influencers” tab, you will see a list of the most influential experts in this field and their assigned rank/score based on their topical contribution and expertise. You can use this list to follow and connect with new leaders in your topic of interest and to view each influencer’s content and latest conversations.

Under the “Conversations” tab, the latest discussions happening on your subject are listed by rank of importance. From here you can connectwith the influencers contributing to the discussion and join in the conversation.


When you log on to Right Relevance, your dashboard opens up in the “Top Articles” section, where your list of content is curated for all the topics you have added to your feed. From here you can again read, share, or save an article, view and connect with the influencers contributing to the story, and join in the conversation about it. Under “Saved Articles,” you can view all of the articles you have previously saved to read, share, or delete from your saved queue when ready.


“Feeds” contains two sections: My Topics and Explore More Topics. When you select “My Topics,” you can view streams for your favorite subjects individually. You can also edit the settings for each topical feed here. A list of complimentary topics will display on the right for each topic to deepen your subject matter search. Under “Explore More Topics,” you will find a list of recommendations of topics for you to follow based on your current selections and interactions, as well as a list of Staff Picks, suggesting subjects we think you will find intriguing. Simply click on the plus sign “+” to add any of these topics to your curated feed, or click on the topic’s image to view more information on the subject.


In the “Insights” section, you can view all of the top influencers you are following per topic, as well as their latest content contributions and conversations. You will also see a list of recommendations for other top influencers you may want to follow in each subject matter. Simply click “Follow” next to the recommendation to connect with that influencer.


In the far left column on the site, you can click on the Settings gear to change anyof your account information, including name, location, and email. To get help or provide feedback on your experience using the website, please click on the email icon to contact our customer support team. To log off the site, simply click the power button icon in the lower left corner of your screen.
You can find additional information about Right Relevance and how to use our site in the About, FAQ, Blog, Terms, Privacy, and Contact sections.

Start exploring your topics of choice and experience the Right Relevance difference!

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