Dreamforce 2016- Twitter Analysis Snippets


This report is a series of snippets from graph analysis of engagements and conversations including retweets, mentions and replies related to the Dreamforce conference (Oct 4-7) by Salesforce.

Data & Duration: The report uses over 200K tweets sampled from 25th September to 8th October. This along with Right Relevance topics and topical communities’ data form the basis for the analysis.

The phrases used for gathering tweets are: [“dreamforce”, “dreamforce16”, “dreamforce2016”, “dreamforce’16”, “df16”]

The Dreamforce analysis collateral is available in the form of:

  1. Tableau Online Dashboard
  2. Gephi Graph Visualisation of Communities

Communities & Influence

Identifying communities and determining influence of active parties that form the sources of data are critical to the Insights analysis.

Measuring influence is not deterministic. It’s a fairly subjective task with numerous different methodologies and is generally ephemeral in nature. Using graph theory, machine learning and natural language processing, RR discovers how people congregate to form communities that share common interests, within the context of an event (or topic or trend). We also determine influence within those communities, along longer and shorter timelines. At Right Relevance, we measure influence in 2 distinct ways:

topical influence’ or Tribes by measuring the quality of network connections within the context of a ‘topic’ and,

engagement influence’ or Flocks by measuring quality and quantity of engagements (RTs, mentions, replies), reach of tweets, connections etc. within the context of an event or trend.

The analysis methodology is outlined at

1. Salesforce Developers & Admins Flock

As expected, Salasforce developers and admins were out in force and strongly connected at DF16 leading. They formed a fairly tightly knit community leading to several well-defined flocks being formed along with a much larger community as seen by the single color in the graph below.

Figure 1.1: Salesforce Developers & Admins flock SubGraph

Figure 1.1 shows the primary developers & admins flock at #DF16  led by @danieljpeter,  @zacharyjeans,  @charlieIsaacs, @appexchange, @salesforceorg, @salesforcedevs among several other top influncers.

Figure 1.2: Top hashtags, RR topics & Users related to main Salesforce developers flock at Dreamforce

Top strongly related hashtags: #awesomeadmin, #trailhead, #dfoutpost, #wit, #devforest, #appycamper

#wit hashtag was in close proximity to the Salesforce developers community. Great to see that DF16 provided more visibility and recognition to Women-In-Technology.

2. Philanthropy Flock

Giving back was a top theme @dreamforce #DF16 in partnership with @RED & @U2 w/Will Smith & MC Hammer concert for @UCSFChildrens.

Figure 2.1: Philathropy flock at DF16

@benioff was front and center leading the Philanthrophy flock as seen in Figure 3.

Figure 2.2: #endAIDS Tweet
Figure 2.3: U2 benefit concert Tweet at DF16

#dfgives, #endaids were the 2 driving hashtags around the Philanthropy flock.

3. Vala Afshar Flock

As expected, @ValaAfshar & @Tiffani_Bova had big impact @dreamforce #DF16 in company with several big business and media personalities like @jimcramer, @nunaveen of @wipro, @wef along others.

Figure 3.1: Top Hashtags & Users for ValaAfshar flock

Top hashtags like #cio #cx #cmo #martech outline the executive skew of this flock.

Figure 3.2: ValaAfshar flock SubGraph

The subgraph for this flock shows big impact@Tiffani_Bova  and @TamaraMcCleary who form their own flocks in the larger DF16 picutre.

Figure 3.3: Reach Vs Rank chart for Vala Afshar flock

Figure 3.3 is shows the Reach Vs Rank chart for this flock.

4. AI, Salesforce Einstein Flock

Disruptive tech, #AI, @salesforce Einstein, #futureofwork, #socbiz, #iot formed a strong community around @rwang0, @holgermu, @drnatalie, @alanlepo & @constellationr

Figure 4.1: Top Hashtags, Topics & Users for rwang0 flock

The top hashtags (#ai, #einstein, #futureofwork, #iot) & RR topics (cloud computing, data analysis, data science, iot, technology) clearly show the technology focused nature of this flock.

Figure 4.2: rwang0 flock Gephi graph

The Gephi graph (Figure 4.2) shows the tightly connected nature of this community in terms of engagements.

5. Customer Success Flock

There seems to be a customer success & sales related flock around @IFTTT it’s CEO @ltibbets and @GainsightHQ and it’s CEO @nrmehta. Other notable users include @6senseinc and it’s CEO  @amandakahlow@socialmktgfella, @sendgrid and Gainsight investors @salesforcevc, @bessemervp and@bdeeter.

Figure 5.1: Customer Success flock around IFTT & Gainsight

There is intemingling with the #dreampitch event as a few VC related accounts were engaged with this flock.

Figure 5.2: IFTTT/Gainsight flock Gephi graph

The sub-graph (Figure 5.2) shows the users in this flock engaging with each other leading to them being closely connected.

6. InsideView Flock

Several #sales #salessummit communities formed @dreamforce DF16. One of the most highly connected ones flocked around @insideview, @everstring @marketo @engagio @terminus & @sangramvajre.

Figure 6.1: Top Hashtags, Topics & Users for InsideView flock

Top hashtags include #abm (‘account based marketing’), #openlounge, #whereisyourroi, #flipmyfunnel which are related to the marketing and sales business of the company and user accounts engaged in this flock.

Figure 6.2: Gephi sub-graph for InsideView flock

Figure 6.2 shows the closely connected sub-graph around this flock in the overall DF16 graph.

7. Salescloud Flock

Another strongly connected sales focused flock formed around @salescloud and @timxclarke at DF16. Other top users can be seen in Figure 7.1 below.

The top Right Relevance topic is ‘social selling’, which shows the strong affinity with the area of sales as confirmed by the top hashtags.

Figure 7.1: Top Hashtags, Topics & Users for ‘Salescloud’ flock

@gabevillamizar is a top user too but this could be due to the BOT effect as outlined below and something that needs deeper analysis.

8. BOT Effect

There seems to be another flock around the topic of “social selling” that seems to be bot generated and managed. @Timothy_Hughes seems to be the primary driving account with @imoyse and potentially @gabevillamizar providing fairly good support.

Figure 8.1: Top Hashtags, Topics & Users for BOT flock

All 3 accounts have a high number of followers and show a lot of engagement. This looks like a case of bot job well done.

Figure 8.2: Gephi sub-graph for BOT Flock

The interesting thing to note from the sub-graph is that the self organizing nature of graph algorithms have brought these accounts to the edge of the larger DF16 graph and into a tighter knit community. This could be since they’re potentially engaging with each other more due to the automated nature.

This needs more looking at and looks like a good case study for a deeper analysis.


The series of snippets above form a small portion of the overall analysis. Please email social@rightrelevance.com if you notice yourself in the graph and would like the information.



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