Data analysis and visualization is a hard problem made magnitudes more complex due to the explosion in scale, rate of creation and lack of structure in newly creation.
Required capabilities include:

  1. Processing including ingestion, identification, transformation of data, esp. streaming for example for IoT devices, Twitter etc.
  2. Analysis including filtering, classification, ranking esp. in near real-time
  3. Presenting complex analysis/insights using visuals that express the data in a consumable mannner for quick and informed decision making.

Our free public service ( solves the first 2 to provide search and discovery of relevant topical content across 45K+ topics. This information is available via our API as part of our Relevance-as-a-Service offering. Mining influence on social media esp Twitter is an important part of the process for extracting relevance from streaming data in near real-time.

We’re leveraging the same data and relevance technologies to build an intelligence platform and service that provides detailed analysis with visualizations. This tackles the hardest part of problem, namely visualizing analysis for informed decision making, for topics specifically tailored to customer needs. We’re building publicly available case studies that include high general interest subjects like us elections, climate change etc. This is primarily based on Twitter data but not limited to it and data can be ingested from anywhere.

The Twitter “Climate Change” analysis visually depicts:

  1. Which messages are getting traction leading to broader conversations (and which ones are not).
  2. Who are the key influencers driving the messaging and the broader conversations
  3. What clear identifiable communities are forming within the conversations, their relative size and reach

This analysis helps visualize and understand the problems to improve the messaging and communication along with identifying positives to build on.